Interior Design as Web Design Inspiration: The Beach Style Living Room

By Nicole Heymer | Jun 19 2015
Bright, Beachy Style Living Room Design
Beach Style Living Room by Jacksonville Interior Designers & Decorators Andrew Howard Interior Design

“Beach style” usually makes me think of seashell art and decorative anchors. But this is not that.

No, this living room is like a gust of fresh air. Delicious. Bright. It’s a great source of inspiration for a website.

The color palette: blue, green, taupe and white. And then—to keep things interesting—occasional pops of pink watercolor flowers. Big ones. And, because our inspiration is beautiful but still totally casual, we could use a hand-written script font for the large headings.

We end up with a seriously feminine web design stylesheet. Perhaps not the right choice for selling men’s razors? But the kind of design that would work beautifully for a business with a specific kind of customer—people who are attracted to that original living room image. (For the record, I’m one of those people.)

Color Palette




Regular and On Hover


Federico Web Font

Body Copy

Font: Bookmania

Social Media Buttons

Regular and On Hover
Social Media

Interior designers…

Do you have a room in your portfolio that could inspire some digital design? Drop me a note. I’d love to feature your work in this series.

Everyone else…

Do you also think of terrible, cheesy things when someone says “beach style”? Or is it because I’m a child of the Jersey Shore? Do beach houses in other places look like this?

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