The Style & Build

A well-branded, done-for-you website. In 6 weeks.

Get it done right.

We know what works for interior design firms.

Clean, gorgeous—with the extras that truly BENEFIT your business. We’ve taken the best of our renowned custom design and development—and put together a semi-custom option that will solve all of your current website problems in six weeks and grow with you over time.

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Functionality That Elevates

What does it take to attract new clients? We’ve tested it ALL over the last ten years…and we’ve learned a thing or two about what your potential client needs to see.


All of the Essentials—at an Elegantly Efficient Price

Every element that a good interior design website should have—from a press page to an email signup to a blog. You don’t have to use everything—but it’s all in there—at a lovely, non-custom price point.

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Six Weeks—From Start to Finish

Sign up, start making your selections, and grab our next kickoff date. We’re currently booking for the week of 7/25.

Ok, let’s talk it out. What’s your website wishlist?

(And we’ll start by checking off your most important requirement: “I do NOT want to build it myself.”)

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“I want my website to get the job done.”

A strategic place for everything—from clear calls to action to your branded messaging to project images.

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“I want a perfect color palette.”

We’ve got gorgeous options! Or go with a 100% custom palette to match your existing visual brand. It’s all included.

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“I want beautiful, clean fonts.”

Any fonts—from headings to decorative script fonts. We’ll customize the website to make it truly yours.

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“I want guidance on the copywriting.”

Whether you hire a copywriter or write the content yourself, we’ll provide structure, do’s, dont’s, and a round of suggested copy edits.

Website Optimization For Interior Designers
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“I want my images to load fast and look great.”

We’ll take care of it all: Rename your files for search engines, compress them, and resize for quick page load.

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“I want the ability to update my own website.”

We build websites that are easy to update. And we provide a library of walkthrough videos for you or your staff.

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“I want to optimize for Google search.”

Getting found via Google search is key. We’ll optimize your images and give you what you need to optimize the rest.

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“I want to use email marketing!”

Build an email list—one of the most effective marketing tools. Give us your email marketing platform and we’ll hook it up.

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“I want to leverage Instagram.”

Make the best of your Instagram presence with a custom link page that sends visitors anywhere you like.

Pre-Launch Pricing!
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Pre-Launch Pricing!
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Optional Add-ons

Go beyond the foundational elements.

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“I want my older blog posts imported to the new website.”

Have you been blogging? NICE. Now, let’s import all of that content into the new site.

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“I want to be found in specific locations.”

It’s an SEO thing! Location pages allow you to potentially be found by people searching for specific towns or locations.

The Process


Sign Up…and Make Your Selections

Choose from proven, strategic options! Select a color palettte and a structure for your home page, about, services…everything you’ll need. Once we receive your choices—we’re off and running.


Give Us the Raw Material

We’ll make it easy! You’ll have guidance at every step—as you give us your project images, logo files, and other bits. As for content, we’ll give you structures, insider tips, and our best guidelines.


Work on Other Things

We’ll take it from there. We’ll optimize all of your images, add all of your content, style every inch of the site, send it over for you to review…and launch the website when it’s done.

Custom Styling For a Site That’s Distinctly Yours

We start with clean, strategically-designed page structures. Beyond that—custom styling, content, and photography make every website unique.

What it’s like to work with us…


"Reliable, resourceful, and on time! They delivered my dream website."

—Alexandra, Alexandra Naranjo Designs

“She understands designers and how we operate.”

—Julia, Julia Lewis Interiors

"The most professional and personal service, and excellent communication."

—Beth, Studio Strongwater

The Style & Build

A world-class website—built fast, at an accessible price—customized beautifully for you.

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Two Monthly Payments of


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We build all of our websites on WordPress because it’s open source.

Benefits: It’s flexible and plays well with others—from email marketing platforms to scheduling software. It’s also a very popular platform, so you can always find a developer to work on your website. (We’re happy to work with you forever, but it’s nice to know you have options, right?)

A Style & Build website is built for ease. You’ll be able to swap out images, change wording, publish blog posts, and add new projects…and you’ll have walkthrough video tutorials for all of it.

We know how busy you are, so we’ve created an efficient process.

You’ll be getting lots of guidance and structure, but in a nutshell—we’ll need your selections for styling and page layouts. Once we have those, we’ll take you through a process to collect your images, access to your domain name, and your written content.

If that last one makes you shudder, don’t worry! We will be VERY specific and, whether you write your own copy or have a copywriter, you’ll be working with an organized framework and lots of helpful advice.

We sure can.

We certainly don’t require it (not making you do things is part of our foundation), but 95% of our clients do want us to take care of their websites. We call it the “you don’t have to worry about it” fee.

We will make sure you never have to stress about backups, updates, or hackers. You’ll never have to call a hosting company or deal with any of the annoying technical aspects of a website because we’ll take care of it.

And coming soon!:

We’re rolling out a new monthly call for clients. (This means you…if we’ve built your website!) Anyone can show up and hop on the group Zoom call with Nicole and ask anything. Whether it’s literally just you or a fun little group…she’ll be there to discuss websites, branding, Google search, or whatever else is on your mind.

Because we build sites on WordPress and WordPress sites are open source, your website will require upkeep. WordPress websites have plugins that need to be updated and core updates that need to be done. It’s not a massive amount of work to update a single plugin, but you’ll have more than one, it does take time,  and we update plugins once per week. This is well above the industry standard.

Most importantly, if something goes wrong when a plugin is updated (it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen)…we handle it. That’s the main thing.

Also, we take nightly and weekly backups of your website, monitor for server downtime (so we’re the first to know if anything weird happens so we can address it), and are available if you want anything new added to your website at our hourly rate.

The cost is $95/month and (see above) will soon include a monthly group call with Nicole. We’ll be in touch to offer you this service as we move toward the launch of your website.

Six weeks—from start to finish!

Of course, that timeline assumes we’ll have everything we need from you…but we’re giving you all the tools you need to hand things over and a realistic amount of time to get it done.

If you have any questions as we move through the process…let us know!

Yes! If we have all of your material, that turnaround time is guaranteed.

That being said, we’ve had clients who needed to extend the timeline while they finished gathering material, photographing a particular project, etc.

We’ll provide realistic deadlines for the material that we need—copy, images, logins—very early in the process so that you know what to expect.

Assuming we have what we need, your website will be launched within six weeks of the project kickoff. We LOVE a launch day!

The Style & Build

A world-class website—built fast, at an accessible price—customized beautifully for you.

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Two Monthly Payments of


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