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Thoughtful plans lead to exciting, purposeful results.

And Brand Discovery will yield a specific, detailed plan. Deliverables include messaging points, a new website sitemap, content ideas based on your messaging (everyone’s favorite!), a lead magnet idea to build your email list, suggested marketing automation, and more. The deliverables will serve as your guide as you redefine your online presence…and we’ll help implement the plan if you choose to move on to a website Design & Build.

What It Is:

Our discovery process will clarify what makes you memorable, define your brand’s voice, and guide the overall strategy for getting you to the right audience.

It’s about planning the architecture of your brand.

Over a series of four structured meetings, we’ll get to know your business and who you are as a brand, define aspects of your ideal clients, generate plans to make your online destination a best-in-class digital experience, and devise a strategy for putting everything into action.

  • MEETING 1 | Gathering Information:

    Your Messaging

    We want to know about your business and what you stand for. We’ll get into the details of what you provide and how what you do is unique.

    After landing on a few territories that set you apart, we’ll create a way to position you in your industry that stays true to who you are while showcasing your strengths.

  • MEETING 2 | Gathering Information:

    Your Target Client

    Who are the people who buy what you sell? We’ll talk about your favorite clients, your existing reach, and your ideal future audiences. Once we create a target client, we’ll unlock strategies to make you more discoverable, to communicate your messaging in the right ways, to convert prospective clients, retain existing ones, and to continue expanding your visibility as you grow.

  • MEETING 3 | Gathering Information:

    Your Digital Presence

    We’ll align your messaging and your target client to a practical structure by asking the question, “How will my online destination represent the best aspects of my brand?” We’ll explore what happens when people arrive at your site: how to provide prospective customers with a welcoming experience, seamlessly deliver the information they need, and inspire them to engage and take action.

  • MEETING 4 | Presentation and Deliverables:

    Your Plan of Action

    We’ll take a step back and review the big picture. At this meeting, you’ll receive a summary of what we’ve learned including messaging, what goes where, and a customized plan to bring your brand to life. At the end of our process, you’ll have a solid foundation to build your brand upon and detailed plan. Working with us on a Design and Build? We’ll revisit this plan once your site launches.

While discovery can be a stand-alone consulting service, most of our clients prefer to continue working with us through the website Design & Build. If you plan to move forward with the next phase, we’ll present a proposal with costs and timing for the design and build of any creative work included in our recommendation.

Why It Works:

Your brand is what you are known for—and you want to be the one driving how your audience sees you. The power to have control over the first thoughts that spring into the minds of consumers is absolutely where it’s at.

Having the right brand voice and memorable messaging is the cornerstone of good marketing. It strengthens relationships with existing clients and builds an instant bond with new ones.

Simply put: A Brand Discovery elevates your business. Interested in learning more? Schedule a call.


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