Hosting & Maintenance


We call it the “Don’t ever worry about your website” fee.


Our Hosting & Maintenance services include:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting Including Nightly Backups, Server-side Caching for Quick Page Load and 99.99% Uptime
    We make sure your site is up and running, loading quickly, and backed up every night in case something goes wrong.
  • WordPress CMS and Plugin Updates
    We update your WordPress plugins and—this is one of the important elements of this service—we fix the website without bothering you if something breaks when we do so. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
    If the website goes down, we’ll know within literally one minute so we can address it.
  • Installation of an SSL Certificate for General Site Security
    This relates to the little padlock in the top of the browser! It’s a must-have for security and Google likes it.
  • Priority Service for Ongoing Updates at Our Hourly Rate
    If we’re hosting and maintaining your website, you’re considered a current client—which means we’ll make any updates or changes that you request at our hourly rate.



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