Font Selection

There are a lot of ways to convey personality on a website, but fonts are quite possibly our favorite. And YOU are going custom, which means you get to choose from a practically endless array of options.

Of course, the problem with ‘endless options’ is that it’s overwhelming. So please allow us to make some suggestions for resources:

Do you have brand guidelines from a graphic designer? Or maybe you’ve been using the same fonts for years and you know exactly what they are? Just send them along and we’ll take care of the rest!

★ Google Web Fonts:
Just hit reply to your last email from us and give us direct links to the fonts you want us to use. Finished.

★ Fonts Purchased Online:
If you purchased your font files from Creative Market, a paid resource, or an independent font foundry (oh yes—’font foundries’ are a thing and it’s delightful), just add the files to your Project Material folder.

Updating your look? Here are some resources…

★ Google Web Fonts:
Free (such a wonderful quality in a font), with tons of good options. Google Web Fonts can be searched by category and they have a preview feature. Try your tagline or some other important piece of information to see how it looks. Once you decide, hit reply to your last email from us and send us the direct links or names of the fonts.

★ Creative Market:
We love Creative Market for fonts that you won’t see everywhere. Great for scripts and decorative fonts, but also excellent for a classic serif or whatever you need. The prices are super reasonable. Just purchase and upload the files to your Project Material Folder.


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