Brand Your
Interior Design Business

For real. In five weeks. With options to use your budget in strategic ways or go completely DIY.

Branding matters. This program is about shaping people’s perception of your business. It’s about creating a brand that feels trustworthy. You get to decide what they think of when they hear your company’s name.


What’s stopping you from branding your business with gorgeous consistency and memorable messaging?


(Please allow me to answer this one for you.) Time, money, and perhaps a sprinkle of nightmare-inducing overwhelm.

It's a lot. There are even three distinct parts:

  • Voice

    The personality of your brand. Basically, why they like you.

  • Visual

    The pretty bits. How they recognize you. So much more than just a logo.

  • Messaging

    What they believe about your brand. What they think of you.


what if you could walk through a proven (and dare I say fun?) process—and nail down all of the above?

I mean, really. Enough messing around with bits and pieces. Let’s make you impressive.


What if every step included guidelines to make it happen?

Clear advice and options for when to hire out, when to do things yourself, how to save money on the parts that you can’t (or don’t want to) deal with, what questions to ask…all of it.

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Learn how to brand your interior design business over five weeks in a conveniently self-paced, never-boring, no-fluff class. Click below to see the full class structure.

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When this is done, you’ll have every element of your branding figured out.

And you’ll know exactly what to do with it.

  • Messaging


    Why people should hire you instead of another designer! You'll figure out what is special about your business and what you want to communicate. There will be TONS of examples.

  • A Style Guide

    A Style Guide

    A color palette! And great fonts! A beautiful brand builds trust. And consistency is how they recognize you. Now how do you source these things if you don't have them? I'll teach you.

  • Other Visual Elements

    Other Visual Elements

    It's not just about colors and fonts. What else do you need to have in place to build something gorgeous and make your life easier? You'll put it all together.

  • Voice Guidelines

    Voice Guidelines

    What's the personality of your brand? It may be similar to the personality of the owner...or it may be different. But it needs to be communicated online—when you're not there. You'll learn what needs to happen and where.

  • Music & More

    Music & More

    Your brand is something people see, experience and even occasionally hear. You'll source every fun, go-to element needed to round out your brand.

  • Tools & Tips

    Tools & Tips

    You get to decide how you get these things done. You'll get options for DIY-ing all of it...and tips for hiring out efficiently when it makes sense for you.

Hi there! I’m Nicole Heymer.

I’m the owner of Glory & Brand, a boutique creative agency specializing in intuitive branding, compelling design, and useful plans. I’ve been working with interior design firms since 2011. You’ve heard me talk about branding and websites everywhere from the A Well-Designed Business® podcast to The Business of Design to The Design Influencer’s Conference.

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This is chunked down, digestible instruction…along with shortcuts and advice.

Yes, you could hire us and we would take care of all of it for you. But, in certain stages of your business, sometimes you just need to do it yourself. And you want to know how to make the best possible use of the time and budget that you have.

Melissa Galt

"Not only an expert but a master teacher as well. Edutaining...with clear examples of what we need to act on and WHY it matters."

—Melissa Galt, Melissa Galt Interiors
Campbell Minister<br>

"This class has helped me find my voice."

—Campbell Minister
, Decorated Interiors
Katie Menon

"I actually can't believe how much useful information I got out of this class."

—Katie Menon, Stephenson Interiors
Gail Davis

"People are always talking about branding...but I didn't get it. Until I met Nicole Heymer."

—Gail Davis, Gail Davis Interiors

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